Amazing care we could not be happier

My 5 year old son started having trouble hearing, Our GP checked both of his ears and told us that they were completely blocked with wax and we needed to have this removed. Over a six month period we saw three different ear specialists for wax removal but none were able to remove any of the wax.

I found the Paediatric Diagnostics Clinic and booked in with Mr Khemani. Mr Khemani was amazing with my son- he immediately put him at ease and explained everything simply to him. Mr Khemani cleared both ears easily and we had a hearing test immediately after which confirmed my sons hearing was within normal levels. I am thrilled and wish I’d found Mr Khemani first. We saw an immediate change in my son as he could hear normally again. Thank you for amazing service you provide.

lauren Sweet
Reason to Visit:Wax removal
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