Children's Endocrinology Service

Paediatric Diagnostics specializes in paediatric endocrinology, offering consultations, diagnostic services, and treatments for children from birth to 19 years old who may be experiencing endocrine issues. These include chronic fatigue, fainting spells, growth challenges, puberty and developmental concerns, thyroid conditions, obesity, glucose imbalances, menstrual irregularities, and more.

Our team of expert consultants and specialist nurses has extensive experience treating children with various conditions. We prioritize providing top-quality care to ensure your child's health and well-being.

Our outpatient clinic in Charlwood, Surrey, is well-positioned to serve children in the surrounding areas, including Croydon, Leatherhead, Surrey, West Sussex, and East Sussex. Here, we offer comprehensive pediatric endocrine investigations and treatments.

What is Children's Endocrinology?

Children's endocrinology focuses on diagnosing and treating various disorders related to the endocrine systems and the hypothalamus-pituitary axis. These conditions can impact different aspects of a child's growth and development, including:

  • Growth issues: Short or tall stature, failure to thrive
  • Developmental delays: Early or late puberty in boys or girls
  • Energy levels: Chronic fatigue affecting daily activities
  • Weight management: Obesity or unexplained weight loss, metabolic syndrome
  • Menstrual irregularities: Infrequent, absent, heavy, or painful periods; conditions like PCOS in girls
  • Glucose metabolism: Low or high blood sugar levels, prediabetes, insulin resistance, diabetes

Endocrinology is a complex speciality involving the diagnosis and management of conditions causing these issues in children from birth to the end of growth. If you are unsure whether your child's problem falls under endocrine disorders, contact us for guidance.

Paediatric growth and pubertal development are common concerns, and It is crucial to determine whether a medical cause is responsible for short stature, early puberty, or delayed puberty. Identifying an underlying cause allows for appropriate treatment.

In many cases, ruling out a medical cause for your child's symptoms provides peace of mind. Faltering growth and development issues are often constitutional, meaning they may resolve over time or with supportive management. However, a thorough assessment by an endocrine specialist is essential to ensure your child's well-being.

Our investigations will help us determine whether an endocrine condition is causing your child's symptoms or if they stem from a normal variation that will resolve on its own.

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