Children's Blood Test Service

Our expert paediatric nursing staff can arrange a private blood test for patients of any age.

Results are usually available within 48 hours.

To enquire about the costs of blood tests, please contact us or check our fees page for more common tests.

Blood tests are performed on children for a number of reasons, including to test for:

  • Allergies
  • General state of health
  • Signs of infection
  • Some genetic problems

Our experienced paediatric nurses are experts in putting patients of all ages at ease and most tests take just a few minutes to complete. Our nurses will explain what they are doing during the process and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. When taking blood samples from a younger patient, the nurses will distract the child away from the procedure and help take away any feelings of discomfort, anxiety or fear they may have.

For children’s blood tests, the nurse will also apply a numbing spray or use some local anaesthetic cream (“magic cream”) on the back of both hands and sometimes on the inside of the elbows prior to the blood test. The numbing spray works very quickly so the blood sample can be taken straight after the spray is applied. The cream takes a little longer to work and so is covered with a small transparent plaster until the area is numb.

When it’s time to take the blood, the nurse will squeeze the arm or wrist or place a tourniquet – this makes the vein fill up with blood and makes it easier for the blood sample to be taken.

A needle is then inserted into the vein – the needle is then connected to a syringe and the blood taken out. Once the blood test is completed, the needle is taken out and the wound is pressed with some cotton wool to prevent any further bleeding or bruising. A sticky plaster is then put on which can be removed at home.

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