Headaches in children can cause debilitating physical symptoms as well as emotional, psychological and social consequences if left undiagnosed and untreated.

What to do if your child has chronic headaches?

Headaches can severely impact a child’s life. It can also cause disruptions in family life. Ensuring good quality sleep and promoting a healthy lifestyle can help with headaches in children. There may be known triggers for the headaches which should be avoided. Keeping a headache diary would help you identify triggers.

What should you do if lifestyle changes do not work?

Many families simply find it challenging to undertake and persevere with recommended lifestyle modifications. In some children, headache symptoms persist despite making those changes. Indeed some children may have undiagnosed sleep difficulties or disorders which perpetuates their headaches. It may be necessary to arrange for your child to be seen by a paediatrician with experience in assessing, investigating and managing headache symptoms.

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