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We are located in Dorking, Surrey and Wimbledon, London, so we are ideally placed to see patients living in Croydon, Leatherhead, Kingston-upon-Thames, Tonbridge, Maidstone, North and South Kensington, Hammersmith, Twickenham, Camden Town, Wandsworth, and all nearby areas.


Very Kind and Reassuring

Thanks so much for looking after Lula yesterday during her Hydrogen Breath Test and blood tests. Lula has previously fainted after having a blood test and so is quite nervous about having them, however, you were very kind and reassuring to her which made the blood test a lot easier. She also really liked you and being able to watch the Boss Baby film whilst having the Hydrogen Breath Test all really helped with her anxiety.

Thanks again.

Overall Experience

Thank you, Femi!

Femi was really fantastic at making sure both we and Archie were relaxed and happy, and he didn’t even notice the blood being taken once the magic numbing cream had done its job! Having an older child who is scared of needles, this made such a difference to us and I feel confident that Archie will be able to engage with anything like this that is necessary in the future due to his positive experience.

Thank you, Femi!

Overall Experience

Brilliant care from start to finish

From start to finish our experience at Paediatric Diagnostics has been fantastic.
My 6 week old daughter was able to see a consultant in days for her tongue tie division. Quick email correspondence from Femi who arranged the appointment and who’s kind and caring nature made us feel well looked after and not rushed on the day. Brilliant communication and teamwork from Femi and Mr Khemani made procedure quick and successful. Care was individualised and personal.
Would definitely recommend P.D to family/friends. Thankyou!

Laura Fernandez
Overall Experience

Nervous toddler with small veins!

My 2.8 year old daughter has very small veins. She was recently hospitalised and had to have many blood tests. Never was the vein got first time which lead to my daughter having an extreme fear. Previously we would have to restrain her for such a test.
Femi completely put my daughter at ease he was so kind and cairing she instantly connected with her. When it came to taking her bloods it was a miracle the vein was got first time and the test was completed with minimal fuss and upset.
It was by far the nicest and most personal medical appointment we’ve been to.
Thank you!

Lucy Vella
Overall Experience

Brilliant from start to finish

We brought our little girl to have her tongue tie assessed and removed. The service we received was amazing, out of this world. As new parents we were anxious, a bit overwhelmed and unfortunately got quite late for our appointment, but Mr Khemani and the very helpful Femi Omowo patiently waited for us and saw us nonetheless. They were very kind, gentle and understanding and helped our little girl. They thoroughly explained what the procedure will be and what to expect. The procedure was quick and straightforward and they allowed us some privacy afterwards to feed our baby and see if all is okay. Their professionalism and kindness put us at ease and made all the difference. We are very very happy and grateful for everything and couldn’t recommend enough!!

Denitsa Channing
Overall Experience

It was very good all the service and information provided by the doctors, assistants, nurses and staff of the Paediatric Gut clinic. Special mention to Dr Hii, Eleanor Smith that was always very helpful, quick and efficient, Paediatric Nurse Femi was very patient and knowledgeable, Dr Hi also provided accurate information and great experience. Thank you very much to everyone for the excellent care given to my daughter Steffi.



Overall Experience

We wanted to thank you so very much for everything you’ve done for us over the past few days – your amazing ‘can do’ approach, your reassuring manner, your clear medical explanations. We’re so grateful for your time and expertise and feel that, with the SIBO test being positive, there’s a way forward now.

Many thanks once again

Very best wishes

Karen and Daisy

Overall Experience

Femi was brilliant!

My son came to see Femi for skin prick allergy tests as previous attempts for blood tests were unsuccessful (not attempts by Femi i’d like to add)
George was nervous beforehand but Femi was absolutely brilliant with him, he explained what would happen and made it fun and asked George to help find the right allergens to test so really made him part of the process. He really engaged with George and I and explained the reactions to us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to Femi!! Thank you again!

Lianne Berry
Overall Experience

Successful trip to the doctors

We visited the clinic for my 2.5 yr old daughter for an allergy skin prick test and a blood test. Femi was inviting and transparent from the initial start explaining what the tests would entail. As my daughter was so young she was given a local anesthetic in the areas which the blood was going to be taken. I was expecting that the blood tests would leave my daughter distressed, having not been a fan of injections in the past. But Femi was reassuring and playful, as she sat watching Peppa pig, completely un-phased by what was happening. The whole experience was comforting for both my daughter and me as a parent. She came away smiling with a paw patrol plaster and clutching her new cuddly toy. Would definitely recommend.

Lena-Jane Chung
Overall Experience

Great visit to the doctor

The skin prick went really well thanks to Femi professional and fun approach.

Erwann Le Guen
Overall Experience

Very reassuring!

My 5 month old son came to see Dr. Hii for a consultation and then Femi for a skin prick test. Dr. Hii was so thorough and arranged some tests for him. Femi was absolutely lovely with him for the skin prick test. It was so lovely to be able to sit down with both of them to talk things through properly and get their opinions and insights. They were both so reassuring. Thank you!

Suzie Booth
Overall Experience

Extremely reassuring and kind

I’ve seen Dr Hii for a skin test and Femi for more skin tests and blood tests for my baby girl. I was so nervous and anxious about the blood test but Femi made me feel so much better and he was so relaxed which helped me!! Femi also always responds to my panic emails over the weekend and is so caring!!! I really appreciate everything both Dr Hii and Femi have done for my daughter! Thanks so much!!

Stephanie Jasper
Overall Experience

Fabulous Femi

My son came to have various tests and was instantly put at ease by Femi. He explained everything that was going to happen and was kind, gentle, funny and professional. Thank you Femi, you were fabulous and made a difficult morning a lot easier.

Katharine Winser
Overall Experience

Superstar Femi

Following on from an appointment with the paediatrician, my 8 year old daughter needed to have an unexpected blood test. She became quite upset and distressed at the thought of it but then Femi was sent our way to speak to her. After spending a few minutes talking to her, Femi had calmed her down and changed her mind so she was happy to have the blood taken. Femi is an absolute credit to Spire and has a magical way dealing with children , thank you so much!

Claire Squires
Overall Experience

Fantastic Care

I bought my 4 month old Son in for a blood test with Femi, he was super kind, caring and attentive and put us both at ease. It is not an easy task to carry out this procedure on such a small baby but Femi was so kind and patient and it was a lovely calm environment. I could not recommend Femi and his team more, thank you!

L Fernandez
Overall Experience

Highly Recommend

My daughter had been having obstructive sleep apnoea for a few months however I was unable to get a GP appointment so I found Paediatric Diagnostics online and made an appointment.  Femi and Mr Khemani were very friendly, I sent a video of my daughter sleeping. He agreed that it was sleep apnoea and prescribed nasal drops which made such a difference and we can all sleep much better now. We later had a face to face appointment where he diagnosed my daughter with reflux and made a referral to Dr Hii at Paediatric Gut Investigation Clinic. I can’t thank him and Femi enough for their support and professionalism.


Michelle. B

Overall Experience

Our 6 year old son

Our 6 year old son required to have a number of blood tests within a couple months, all at different hospitals. We had poor experiences at other hospitals but Femi was excellent. We went to see Femi a few days before to talk through the process. On the day there were challenges with our son being extremely upset and running out of the consultation room a number of times. Femi handled the situation perfectly. He gained trust at the start and even at the end spoke to our son at his level telling him how brave he was. He knew when to be gentle and kind but also when to be a bit more assertive when there was an unwillingness to proceed! Nicest and most personal set of blood tests we’ve had! Thank you.

Claire Liddle
Overall Experience

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We are based across three sites: Medwyn Surgery (Dorking), Spire Gatwick (Horley) and Stratum Clinic (Wimbledon & Raynes Park). Each site offers a different variety of services. Please contact a member of the team for more information.