Sleep Disorder

Sleep Difficulty

Sleep difficulty is very common in children but can become a persisting and intrusive symptom for your child and the rest of the family

What causes Sleep Difficulty In Children?

Children may sleep poorly for many reasons including obstructive sleep disorders, airway problems, restless leg syndrome, and many more. They may also suffer from chronic poor sleep due to their developmental age, behavioural or environmental. Many times, it is a combination of a few factors which makes it very difficult for parents to decipher a cause and therefore a solution.

What happens if your child has chronic poor sleep?

Good quality sleep is vital for your child’s well-being and health. Children under 5yrs old should sleep between 10-16hrs a day (including naps) depending on their age. Those above 5yrs old should sleep 8-10 hours a day. Children who suffer from poor sleep can have difficulty with attention, memory and concentration all of which can lead to negative outcomes on their individual and educational attainments. Poor sleep can also affect the child’s health including their defence against infections, their growth and their development.

What to do if your child is a poor sleeper.

Firstly do not panic! Many children find it difficult to settle down to sleep and would wake up during the night, especially if they are very young. A consistent and calming bedtime routine (sleep hygiene) improves sleep in many children. If you have concerns that your child’s sleep problem is persisting and is significantly impacting your child and the family, it may be useful to see a doctor who is experienced in diagnosing and managing sleep problems.

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