ADHD and Autism

We are delighted to have Dr Sharma, who specialises in caring for children with suspected Children Autism (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), join our talented team.

Dr Sharma has a wealth of experience and undertakes a holistic and child-centred evaluation when treating children with suspected ASD and ADHD.

From experience and speaking to our patients, we know that there is a long waiting time in the NHS for this service, and with Dr Sharma knowledge and expertise, we will offer quick access to diagnosis and treatment for your child.

We will be using a range of diagnostics services such as QB TEST, ADOS assessment in line with NICE guidelines to help diagnose your child’s condition. The service will be available at the following centres – Medwyn centre in Dorking, Raynes Park Health Centre, and Spire St Anthony’s in Sutton.

ADHD and Autism Treatment for Children Available at Paediatric Diagnostics

Paediatric Diagnostic team has partnered with the Functional Gut Clinic to offer a Hydrogen breath test home kit. Please watch this video which explains more about how to carryout the test.

Neurodevelopmental Assessment Service

At Paediatric Diagnostics we provide specialist Neurodevelopmental assessments for children and young person up to the age of 18 years old. This service is led by our consultant paediatrician Dr Sharma, who has extensive experience in dealing with neurodevelopmental disorders.

In addition to providing developmental assessments, we can also provide in-depth assessment of autism and ADHD. All our assessments and tools are in line with the current NHS guidelines.

Neurodevelopmental disorders

Neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism and ADHD can present with behavioural and educational difficulties.  Late diagnosis carries an increased risk of developing mental health illnesses in adolescence and adulthood. The team at Paediatric Diagnostics know that diagnosing these conditions as early as possible can enable early treatment and this can have very encouraging results.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a social and communication disorder that is present in around 2 percent of children. Children and young persons with ASD can have difficulties in making and maintaining friendships and can have difficulties in communication. Children with ASD also may have limited interests and can be resistant to change.  Altered responses to sensory stimulation can also be found in ASD.  As it is a spectrum, the severity varies and thus not every child with ASD is the same.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the commonest neurodevelopmental disorder and is found in around 5 percent of children and young persons. Those with ADHD can present with hyperactivity and impulsivity or both. The diagnosis of ADHD also encompasses children with inattention without hyperactivity and it is common for this diagnosis to be delayed or missed with children sometimes being incorrectly labelled as “lazy”. Diagnosis of ADHD is made after a comprehensive interview of the parents/the young persons, information from the school using Rating Scales and Qb test done in the centre.

ADHD often needs treatment in lots of different ways. These include Environmental Modifications such as making the environment distraction free and providing both structure and routine, behavioural support strategies like immediate rewards, healthy sleep routines and appropriate use of medications.

Please contact a member of the Paediatric Diagnostics team if you have any further information.


Useful websites to visit for more information:

For ASD:

National Autistic Society – https://www.autism.org.uk

YouTube: Temple Grandin: ‘The Autistic Brain’



ADHD Foundation – https://adhdfoundation.org.uk

ADHD UK – https://adhduk.co.uk

The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service – http://addiss.co.uk

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