Children's Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Service

At Paediatric Diagnostics, we offer paediatric ENT investigation and treatment from birth up to 16 years of age.

Our expert team of highly experienced ENT consultants and specialists can investigate the reason behind your child’s ENT issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.

You can find detailed information about about the conditions our ENT surgeons treat below:

Childhood ENT - The Facts

Babies and children are prone to ear, nose, and throat problems. Although, more often than not, they are usually down to a general blocked nose or a sore throat, these symptoms should be investigated if they regularly reoccur.

Some of the most common ear, nose, and throat conditions that children suffer from include:

By the age of three, five out of every six children will have experienced an ear infection, making them one of the most common reasons why parents bring their child to see a doctor.

Paediatric Diagnostics specialise in tongue-tie division, which is a common problem involving a band of skin between the underside of the tongue and the floor of the mouth. 

We offer a tongue-tie assessment and division for a total fee of £250.00.

Glue ear is a condition affects around 1 in 5 children around the age of 2, and can have an impact on the child’s speech development, their behaviour, and, as a result, their educational development.

If your child is still suffering from glue ear after three months, or if you are concerned about how it is impacting your child’s speech or causing problems with their education, you should see an expert for further treatment and advice.

If your child is suffering from an ear, nose, or throat condition and you are concerned, we will be happy to see you both at the earliest opportunity.

Our team are highly experienced in paediatric ENT investigations and treatment and will be able to provide your child with the best possible level of care.

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