Children's Dermatology Service

At Paediatric Diagnostics, we offer investigation and treatment for child dermatology conditions from birth up to 16 years of age.

Our expert team of highly experienced Consultants and Specialist Nurses are able to investigate the reason behind your child’s dermatology issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.

This includes everything from acne, atopic eczema, urticaria, rashes, skin infections, and more.

We are pleased to offer paediatric dermatology investigation and treatment at our outpatient clinics in West Sussex, Surrey and Wimbledon, London, making us ideally placed to provide expert treatment to children living throughout Charlwood, Chorley, Surrey, Kent, Southwest London, and all nearby areas.

Paediatric dermatology is a subspecialty of dermatology that examines, prevents, and treats skin disorders in children. Many skin disorders manifest themselves in childhood, some of which are equally prevalent in adults but impact children and teenagers differently.

Our team are highly experienced in providing investigation and treatment for paediatric dermatology conditions and will be able to offer your child with the best advice and care.

Acne is an extremely common skin condition that is linked to the changes in hormone levels during puberty, hence to it largely affecting individuals during their teenage years. However, the condition can affect individuals of any age.

Research shows that around 95% of people aged 11 to 30 are affected by acne to some extent. In girls, the condition is most common from the ages of 14 to 17, whereas in boys it most commonly occurs between the ages of 16 to 19.

Atopic Eczema is a common form of eczema that can run in families. It affects 20% of children in the UK, often from an early age. However, the majority of children will grow out of it.

Urticaria is also referred to as ‘nettle rash’ or ‘hives’, and is a red, itchy and bumpy rash that can appear anywhere on the body. It is a common condition and is thought that affect around 20% of people at some point in their lives,  with children tending to receive a single episode that lasts for a few days. However, children can also receive several episodes of urticaria over the space of a 4-6 weeks period before it settles down.

There are many different things that can cause a rash in babies and children but, thankfully, the vast majority are nothing to worry about. However, as a parent, you will know whether your child seems seriously unwell whilst having a rash, and this is usually a sign that treatment is required as soon as possible.

Some of the most common reasons for a childhood rash include:

  • Slapped Cheek Syndrome
  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
  • Scarlet Fever
  • Measles
  • Heat Rash
  • Atopic Eczema
  • Hives
  • Ringworm
  • Chickenpox
  • Nappy Rash

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We have clinics based in West Sussex, meaning we are ideally placed to provide treatment and investigation to children living in Charlwood, Croydon, Leatherhead, Kingston-upon-Thames, Tonbridge, Maidstone, north and south Kensington, Hammersmith, Twickenham, Camden Town, Wandsworth, and all nearby areas.

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