Paediatric Growth and Pubertal Development

At Paediatric Diagnostics, we offer investigation and treatment for growth concerns from birth up to 16 years of age and pubertal development concerns during teenage years.

Our expert team of highly experienced Consultants and Specialist Nurses are able to investigate and offer medical treatment for the reason behind your child’s faltering growth. We will help put together the right strategies to improve nutritional intake, educate about foods and nutrients, food fortification etc, whilst keeping in mind individual and family circumstances. Collectively, this allows our paediatric team to create the perfect approach to optimise your child’s growth and wellbeing in the future.

We are pleased to offer investigations for growth and pubertal concerns and treatment at our outpatient clinics in Dorking, Surrey and Wimbledon, London, making us ideally placed to provide expert treatment to children living in Croydon, Leatherhead, Kingston-upon-Thames, Tonbridge, Maidstone, North and South Kensington, Hammersmith, Twickenham, Camden Town, Wandsworth, and all nearby areas.

Faltering Growth - What is it?

Sub optimal growth is a concern for both parents and health care professionals. This  may occur as a result of an underlying medical condition and can be pro-actively addressed whilst investigations to identify  the issue are continuing. Once the condition has been identified, medical treatment is promptly initiated . Ideally sub optimal growth should be managed and treated as soon as height and weight parameters crosses certain thresholds and we can help to assess and advise on this. We can support and suggest on the best and most effective nutritional changes e.g. specialist infant formulas,  macro and micro nutrient specific supplements or the use of more complete nutritional products designed and proven to  appropriately support catch up growth.

The term stunted growth is often used when referring to a child’s small height for their age group, following a prolonged period of poor weight gain.

Faltering growth is commonly caused by insufficient energy and nutrient intake to meet the child’s need for growth during infancy. During early years, various medical conditions (such as gastrointestinal problems, food allergies,  heart/chest problems, endocrine problems etc) can contribute to poor growth .  During teenage years, delayed puberty can further contribute to the poor growth.

Please feel free to contact us regarding investigations and treatment for your child and we will be happy to see you both at the earliest opportunity.

We have private paediatric clinics based in Dorking, Surrey and Wimbledon that help to investigate and treat faltering growth and pubertal development issues.

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