Tongue Tie for my 5 week old

Well what can I say?
Mr Khemani and Femi are amazing! My 5 week old son was struggling with breast feeding and so I decided to have the division. The NHS were so busy, we didn’t want to wait and so decided to book an appointment at the Medwyn Centre in Dorking for a review. On arrival we had no wait, and were greeted in such a welcoming and warm manner. Mr Khemani explained everything very clearly and make sure both me and my partner were informed of every detail. The tie division it self took less time then the formalities and although it’s not please not hearing baby cry it is only a few seconds. We fed straight after the procedure and he was absolutely fine, as if nothing had happened.
I would highly recommend this service. Both Mr Khemani and Femi are amazing with children and really know how to reassure parents.

Clare Mugridge
Reason to Visit:Tongue tie division
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