Paediatric Dietitian (Allergy)

Misbah has 11 years experience as a registered Dietitian with 8 years of this within Paediatric allergy services. She currently works as the Lead Specialist Allergy Dietitian at St Georges’s hospital in London which is a tertiary centre for allergy. Within this role she has been involved in published research looking at disparities in allergy provision across UK services. In 2022 she has also presented at both the Sadie Bristow Foundation education event and the BSACI (British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology) Grand Round alongside world-leading clinicians within the field.

Misbah is currently studying for a Masters's degree in Paediatric allergy, is a committee member of the Food Allergy Specialist Group for Dietitians and founder of ‘Little People Dietitian’, a children’s allergy dietetic clinic based in South West London.

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