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About Paediatric Diagnostics
Paediatric Diagnostics Founders
Paediatric Diagnostics has been set up based on a vision to create an outstanding diagnostic clinic that caters for both children and their families. 
It is the brainchild of two individuals with years of experience diagnosing and treating children. Sam Khemani (Consultant ENT Surgeon) and Femi Omowo (Lead Paediatric Nurse) wanted to deliver a service that provided holistic paediatric diagnostics and to ensure it’s success has created partnerships with a series of Medical Doctors and Surgeons that are highly skilled in their speciality.
Paediatric Diagnostics uses a rigorous process to ensure that we have hand picked the best Paediatric specialist consultants to work with. Each consultant is an independent private practitioner with an established background in private healthcare and are not employed by Paediatric Diagnostics.

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